Celebration Cakes

Whether vegan or not these cakes are a perfect addition to your party table because, let’s face it, no party is complete without cake.

All of my cakes are lovingly customised to your personal preferences and design to suit you and your celebration!

I specialise in naked, buttercream cakes but I am always happy to customise your designs. The more creative the better!

Price guide

6” two layer (feeds 6) starts at £18
6” three layer (feeds 8) starts at £22
9” two layer (feeds 10-12) starts at £30
9” three layer (feeds 12-15) starts at £35

Please note these prices are for basic naked cakes with minimal decoration and a unique quote will be provided for each cake.

Sponge flavours include

Victoria Sponge | Vanilla | Lemon | Coconut | Raspberry Ripple | Orange + Almond | Carrot | Chocolate Fudge | Chocolate Orange | Biscoff | Black Forest | Caramel | Choc Peanut | Funfetti Vanilla | Lady Grey/Earl Grey

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